Review of The Honor of the Queen

The Honor of the Queen  - David Weber

Basilisk Station'. While Honor of the Queen falls a little short of its progenitor, it is still a solid read.  I enjoy military fiction, whether contemporary or sci-fi, when it is well done; and 'On Basilisk Station’ was done well.  This story is a bit less straight forward and has more drama attached to it with long standing personal relationships joining the butting head version of personal relationships initially seen in the previous installment.


Honor, who is still a little one dimensional, continues to be the strong, hyper-capable commander that Weber seems to prefer. The white hat wearing do not wrong type of character sometimes seen in military fiction can get a bit tedious so the fact that he allows her a small misstep is nice to see.  There is a nice stack of returning secondary characters, the ensemble cast being the life blood of an effective sci-fi series, generally continue to be enjoyable and I was happy to see Alistair back.  The addition of the Graysons and Masadans added a different point of view then we usually see in this type of story but the real star of the secondary characters was the father figure of Courvosier.  His presence adds a vulnerability that Honor did not have in the previous books.


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