The Short Victorious War

The Short Victorious War  - David Weber

The third book in the Honor Harrington Series this book keeps up the tradition set by the first two. Although it does have some points where it drops off, it is an all-around good read for fans of serial science fiction.


We are back ship-side after having large portions of the last book with Honor planet bound. It truly is nice to see Harrington back in her element. We get almost as much intrigue and politics here as we did in the Honor of the Queen coupled with larger scale space combat.


Honor continues to be one of the strongest and most interesting female characters I have read in a long time. With the addition of a love interest (from a rather unexpected location), they have fleshed her out from more than just a futuristic warrior into something more human. One of my few complaints about her from earlier books was how detached she was, and in this we get to see another side of her. Weber usually makes it a point to bring back reoccurring characters in her series and this book is no different. Several supporting cast members from either the first or second book show up here, including one rather unfriendly acquaintance.


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