Never Go Back Review

Never Go Back - Lee Child

In Never Go Back, Reacher heads to the special MP unit he used to lead to see the new commander, a woman, whose voice he liked when he spoke to her on the phone.  When he gets to the post, he becomes involved in a conspiracy she has inadvertently touched.


Like the other Reacher novels, this is a good read.  It isn’t a favorite, but it isn’t the least favorite either.  Middle of the pack.  The bad guys were a little more wooden than those in some of the other novels, and at times it seemed that Child had Reacher going through the motions.  Still, it is Reacher, an that is not bad.  He is the toughest protagonist this side of Bob Lee Swagger.


Reacher is a certifiable and quintessential American hero – the loner drifter.  Which is ironic since Lee Child is the pseudonym of British author Jim Grant.  Read the series.