Ripper Review

Ripper - Stefan Petrucha

The plot progresses quickly with lots of exciting turns. This is obvious considering that at the beginning of the book Carver is in an orphanage and eventually ends up chasing Jack the Ripper. Along the way Carver meets future president Roosevelt, lives in an asylum and researches in a secret underground base. Stefan was able to take these great ideas and turn them into an amazing book with a fast-paced plot that keeps you wondering what will happen.

The book from the mystery standpoint is fantastic too. There are many clues and a few well placed red-herrings. The way the clues are put together fit well and unlike many of those found in Arthur Conan Doyle’s work, this book gives you all the clues instead of leaving out key ones or not giving you all the information necessary. We know what Carver finds unlike in mysteries such as Sherlock Holmes where the reader doesn’t know if they are on the right track till the end. The history of this book works really well too in that there aren’t really any suspects since we don’t have any idea who the real Ripper was either.

The book is a tiny bit slow at times but that is not a big problem. For me it was really fast paced, although I’m a fast reader, and I finished this book in basically a day not constantly reading. A slower reader may take up to two weeks, though they could probably finish in a week and a half. The excitement of certain parts speeds the book’s pace up from the slower pace near the beginning. Considering that I finish it fast since I’m a fast reader means that it is pretty fair-paced.